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Fusion Roofing & Restoration

Fusion Roofing & Restoration is a trusted local Cincinnati, OH roofing company. We are experts at installing all types of roofs in both commercial and residential settings. Our team has unique expertise in historic restoration projects, storm damage projects, insurance claims, roof replacements, and box gutters. We pride ourselves on our long-standing reputation as leading roofers in the community. Our dedication to customer service and quality workmanship is unmatched. As licensed roofers certified by most major roofing material manufacturers, we are able to offer warranty protections other contractors simply cannot. 


Our roofing company is dedicated to providing detail-oriented roofing services to the people of our community in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. Whether you require a complete roof replacement, seamless gutters, or box gutter replacement or liners, have Fusion Roofing out for a free inspection.



1) Appointment scheduled to provide a roof replacement with a Fusion representative.

2) Our trained and experienced estimator will walk through a full roof inspection with you at your scheduled appointment time to give you a comprehensive overview of the state of your roof and what needs to be done to ensure you end up with a superior product after installation.

3) Each roof system inspection includes a firsthand review of the current roof exterior, guttering system, ventilation, interior roof decking, and insulation levels.

4) A personalized quote will be provided, most likely the day of the inspection, after the entire roofing system has been assessed.

5) Once you select Fusion to replace your roof, then a date will be scheduled for the work to commence while keeping in mind that the varying weather does sometimes change scheduled start times.

6) The typical roof will be replaced in one day, but there are definitely exceptions to this rule.

7) When the roofing work has been completed, then Fusion and the homeowner will inspect the work together to ensure that all are happy and confident in the craftsmanship provided.



Asphalt shingles may be installed as layover roofs under the right conditions. Problem signs when considering a layover roof include curled or missing shingles, rotten wood decking, or moss on the shingles. If your existing roof is problem-free and building codes allow it, installing a layover roof can save time, money, and a big cleanup job. However, there are many conditions that require the old roof to be torn off before a new roof can be installed.


Most building codes allow for one layover roof (or a maximum of two roofs) on a structure. If your roof already has two layers of shingles, you will need to tear off all the layers before you install the new roof.


A roof structure must be strong enough to handle the weight of multiple roofs if you want a layover. A thorough inspection must be completed to determine if your roof will safely hold a second shingle layer. If there are signs of sagging, rotten, or decaying ridgelines, hip lines, or decking, removing the old roof and repairing the wood decking before installing the new roof is always best.


Fusion Roofing & Restoration generally suggests removing the old roofing material and starting with clean wood decking. However, we do understand and accommodate for instances where a roof layover makes sense.

Fusion Roofing & Restoration is proud to provide its customers with financing options to bring their home improvement dreams to reality. We have partnered with EnerBank USA and Acorn Finance to provide affordable financing options tailored to fit any budget! With options including same as cash and fixed-rate loans, you can get the home improvements you’ve been needing without draining your savings.


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