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Box Gutters in Cincinnati, OH

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Fusion Roofing & Restoration offers box gutter repair and replacement throughout Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton. We have highly skilled and trained technicians with years of experience with this unique form of gutter system. Our stance is to adhere to best practices developed over time in order to provide a quality product that lasts decades into the future with the proper maintenance. Whether you are looking to upgrade, replace, or repair, Fusion Roofing & Restoration has you covered.

Box Gutter Replacement


Built-in gutters, also referred to as “box gutters,” are considered a concealed roof drainage system. They are the cornerstone of our seamless gutter installation and repair services. Since they are not readily visible, they typically become neglected, leading to gutter leaks into the home. The simplest form of maintenance after installation is keeping them clear of debris and ensuring the painted surface, if the gutters are galvanized steel, is kept up to date. It does not have to be daily, but proper maintenance is necessary for any gutter system to perform its duty. However, with built-ins, trapped, standing water can lead to a shorter life and very costly repairs.

A majority of built-in gutters are lined with formed metal with their installation. The earliest metal used for the lining is terne-plate. Terne, an alloy of lead and tin, is applied over sheet iron, then later, steel. This gutter lining material needs protection from corrosion and is the best gutter system option in Cincinnati, OH.

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Another issue is the soldered joints, where sections of the gutter meet and form a seam. The expansion and contraction of the metal during temperature changes results in failure at the weakest point, the seams. When a leak is finally discovered, the seams are usually just patched with roofing cement for a temporary fix. Another common temporary fix is to line box gutters with a flat roof membrane called EPDM. We never suggest this gutter service as a permanent method of box gutter repair.

Restoration of your home’s box gutters should always be done by a skilled craftsman with prior experience in gutter repair and gutter system installation. Typically, a leaking box gutter will require replacing some or all of the wood framing that supports it. Once the support frame is solid, the sheet metal, copper, or galvanized steel lining is able to be installed with rivets and solder. Upon completion of the work, standing by a strict box gutter maintenance schedule is always suggested to ensure the maximum life is gained from your new investment.

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Connie will be happy to set up a free estimate at your earliest convenience. As a professional gutter and fencing contractor, we offer a wide range of services for your home improvement needs. Contact us today for gutter repairs, fence building, gate services, and more.

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The Cincinnati area is well known for its well-preserved older homes, especially in the Hyde Park, OTR, Norwood, Madeira, Amberley Village, Oakley and Indian Hill. Built-in gutters, also known as box gutters, are one of the distinguishing features of these historic homes. This type of gutter is designed to be hidden from view, so as not to detract from the beauty of cornices and other architectural details of a historic house. However, being hidden also means that deterioration and damage can go undetected until a major problem arises. Box gutters should be checked yearly to ensure they are functioning properly. 

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Typically these gutters were lined with tern coated steel. (Terne is an alloy coating that was historically made of lead and tin.) This type of metal needs to be painted and maintained about every 10 years. This maintenance is often forgotten. As a result of neglect, rust can develop. Once the metal begins to rust it doesn’t take very long to rust through. As water collects beneath the metal lining into the wooden trough beneath it, rot and decay may take hold. One big failure point is the seams that are soldered together. The thermal expansion puts stress on the joints that can cause them to break apart. 


Often times there is a visible sag in the overhang. There may be rotten wood or water staining on the bottom or soffit of the box gutter visible from the ground. Faulty box gutters are also a cause of water leaking into the house as it gets inside the exterior wall or the ceiling. Even small leaks can and will cause extensive damage if left for long periods of time.

Bottom line is box gutters need attention, the whole out of sight out of mind saying sadly rings true far to many times with this very important feature of historic homes. Call Fusion today to schedule a 100% free inspection and receive a detailed proposal outlining our plan to protect your home. 

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